Derma:B CeraMD Repair Cream 430ml

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Hypoallergenic Dermo Cream that offers softness to stiff and dry skin It softly and quickly absorbs into the skin and can be safely used on sensitive skin

  • Sensitivity test completed, Itchiness relieving test due to dryness completed
  • Body Moisturizer for Dry and Rough Skin / Relieves Itchiness Caused by Dryness

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  • Clinically proven itching relief Dermo cream which relieves itchiness caused by dryness forms a moisturizing layer on dry and rough skin to moisturize the skin
  • Neopharm’s patented ingredient Adfence P TM A patented ingredient that is effective in improving moisture and itching and also cares flaky skin due to excessive dead skin cells


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Derma:B CeraMD Repair Cream 430ml | Buy in Nigeria

Derma:B CeraMD Repair Cream 430ml

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