EOS Shea Better 24H Moisture (Jasmine Peach) Lotion 473ml

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Our sparkling and luscious Jasmine Peach body lotion is a modern burst of apricot nectar combined with fresh sparkling jasmine and sensual warm vanilla sugar creating an addictive unique floral bouquet with a gourmand twist. Eos 24H body lotion with instantly moisturizing Shea Oil + lasting protection Shea Butter quickly absorbs for 24-hour hydration for all skin types. Say hello to… fast-absorption, lightweight, soft skin, and sustainable shea. Say goodbye to… greasiness, heaviness, and sticky residue.
SHEA BETTER BODY LOTION: Our sparkling and luscious Jasmine Peach scent contains fragrance notes of apricot nectar, sparkling jasmine, and vanilla sugar. Eos 24-hour hydration body lotion is made with natural ingredients to leave your skin smooth from head-to-toe.
24-HOUR MOISTURE FOR YOUR BODY: Soothe and protect your skin with our lightweight and non-greasy lotion. No sticky residue or heaviness, just all-day hydration and smooth skin.
SMOOTH ON: Apply this fast-absorbing and deliciously scented body lotion to just-cleaned skin, paying special attention to dry, rough areas. Relax – we’ll do the rest.
SUSTAINABLE SKIN CARE: Protect and moisturize your skin with 7 nourishing oils + butters, including natural shea butter and shea oil. Our collection of incredible fragrances will delight in application and last all day on skin.
ALL-NATURAL SHEA BUTTER: eos products have wild grown, sustainably sourced 100% natural shea butter to make skin feel moisturized, protected and soft. We are paraben, phthalate and gluten free. Dermatologist tested. Vegan. Hypoallergenic. PETA certified. No products tested on animals.

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EOS Shea Butter 24H Moisture (Jasmine Peach) Lotion 473ml | buy in Nigeria at buybetter.ng

EOS Shea Better 24H Moisture (Jasmine Peach) Lotion 473ml

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