About Us

Buybetter.ng is Nigeria’s number one online beauty retailer, and an official stockist of over 50 leading beauty brands.

We love skincare and are authorized dealers of the brands we sell. This means
that we guarantee that the product you buy is authentic and of the highest
quality. Welcome!


we pride ourselves on being extremely selective when it comes to which brands
we stock and will only allow a few select brands through our filter. We want to be
sure that the products you as a customer order from us are carefully tested,
result-oriented and have thorough research behind them. Our selection process
means that we can guarantee that every item ordered from us will be of the best
quality for your skin.

We are constantly streamlining our selection to be up to date with the latest
products whilst always being sure to have the highest quality selection that the
current market has to offer. We are always looking for new brands, better product
ingredients and innovations – and our search takes us all over the world. We look
for brands that are sold in both physical stores as well as online but most
importantly, have well documented results with lots of happy customers. It is also
important for us to not focus as much on the “latest trends”, instead relying on
products that are here to stay.

For the refined collection of brands that get past our scrutinous selection
process comes another phase in our testing. We carefully inspect each product,
thoroughly check the ingredients, feel the consistency of the product and
evaluate the results. The brands and products that eventually survive to the final
cut are guaranteed to be products that we are proud to offer to you.

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